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Get AWS Powered WordPress Cloud Hosting for your WordPress Website. Don’t just stuck with Shared Hosting while your site needs more resource and optimization!

WordPress Cloud with Optimization

Full Root Access

Powerd by Amazon Web Services


Why Cloud Hosting

Faster App Hosting

You can host your apps on cloud for better performance and data availibility

Free Data Transfer Service

We support you for transfering your data from current server to the cloud

Full Root Access

For any server activities, you have full control via root access

Fully Secured

Don’t worry about the security. We cover up the maintenance

Speed Optimization

We cover speed optimization, if you take managed cloud service from us

Server Maintenance

Our service includes maintenance, so you never need to worry!


Managed WordPress Cloud Server

* Price only valid till offer period. After that it will charge as per regular price. Those who purchase offer price, will continue that range for the purchase account in renew.

Payment Methods We Accept


Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about cloud. How to set up my own?

Don’t worry! Our service is fully managed. So you need to do none of the setup or maintenance. We do it for you.

How to keep backup of my Cloud?

There are few ways to do so. You can manually take backup from you site/app script.

Or primarily you can take AWS Snapshopts, for a fee. We can help in this case. Please contact us.

Load Balancer Configured

For only $29.99/month, you can get your multiple servers connected via a Load Balancer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support Via E-mail

We have a support system dedicated for the Cloud Hosting. You can ask for any support via e-mail anytime, ant our personnel will help you out

Full Root Access & Management

You will get full root access with out cloud services. Full server management will also be provided when you need it. We believe in customer satisfaction.

We are here to help


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